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Many in our congregation may not be aware that Bower Hill Church has had a wonderful library for many years.  It was first established in 1956 under the oversight of the Christian Education Committee. During the time Jack Hodges was here, an effort was made to catalog and document the collection, which at that time was housed in what is now the Nursery. The collection primarily includes books covering philosophy and theory; the Bible; Christian history, practice, observance and denominations; the local church; social and ecclesiastical theology; and other religions.  In the last year and a half, the entire collection was moved to shelving in Conference Room 101.  In 50 plus years it has gone from a modest 125 volumes to over 1,000.

New to the Bower Hill Church Library is a collection of books donated by Lynne Wohleber.  These books include inspirational and devotional works, several series that are historical fiction, and many Christian fiction titles.  The books are arranged alphabetically by author and can be found in the stand-alone cabinets between the two windows in the library.

In order to have a place for this collection, Glenn Williams built shelving into this cabinet.  We are grateful for this project so that anyone interested in finding a book may browse the shelves, borrow a book, and return it when finished.

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