New Here? - Covid-19 Changes

Even with all the limitations below, the church is always open to serve your needs. Please do not hesitate to call the church office. Arrangements will be made to meet online or in person.



  • Church building is closed except for staff and members performing essential activities. This includes use by church groups and outside groups. See below for exceptions.

Exterior Property Use Expanded (As of 10/04/2020)

  • General Guidelines - At the September meeting, Session voted to reopen the building for worship services. If all goes well, additional reopening for use by church groups and other groups will be staged after 1 month.

  • Indoor Worship

    • Bower Hill Worship - Starting on Sunday, October 4, at 9:30, we will conduct an in-person worship service at Bower Hill Church for the first time since March 8! Online live streaming will continue.

      • If you are not attending, the service will be live-streamed and recorded so you may watch it as you have in the past weeks.

      • A bulletin will be emailed to you.  Please print and bring it with you as there will not be any copies available at the church.

      • There will be no singing or verbal responses by the congregation.  There will be music via the prerecorded choir Zoom and live prelude and postlude.

      • This Sunday is Communion, and you should bring a piece of bread and some juice for you and your family.

      • The only doors that will be open will be the main door in the narthex and the handicap entrance near the kitchen.

      • Upon entering, everyone must wear a mask, have their temperature checked, and will be asked to use hand sanitizer.

      • Entering the sanctuary will only be through the side aisles.  Social distancing will be maintained by having a full pew between each occupied pew, and ½ the pew (right or left will be alternated).  Signs will be in place to explain seats that are available.  To access seats on the center aisle, people will need to go down the side aisle to the front of the sanctuary and then down the center aisle.

      • No access to other areas or floors of the building are to be permitted.

      • The only restroom available is the single occupancy one near the kitchen, and it is only to be used in case of emergency.

      • There is no nursery or children’s church.

      • At the conclusion of the service, people will exit only through the center aisle and should maintain social distancing as they exit.

    • 1st Baptist Worship - Starting on Sunday, October 4, 1st Baptist will also be worshiping in Fellowship Hall.

  • Other Church Groups and Classes: Please check the weekly bulletin and mass emails for special announcements for the church groups and classes on where and how they will meet.

Alternatives to normal In Person Activities

  • Sunday Worship Service​ - We will continue to produce a recording each week of a full-scale worship service, just as we have done throughout the pandemic. It will be filmed in the sanctuary and will include hymns, anthems, and the same weekly sermon as the outdoor service. As always, the link via YouTube will be emailed to you each Saturday. Website link for watching online - Live Stream/Archive

  • Sunday Children's Worship/Summer Stories - Website link for watching online - Sunday Children's Worship

  • Coffee Hour - Zoom meeting as scheduled

  • Adult Education - Zoom meeting as scheduled 

  • Parish Life - Zoom meeting as scheduled 

  • Church Groups - Zoom meeting as scheduled

Plan for Resuming in Person Activities Inside​ - There is a committee that is monitoring and making recommendations.

Other​ Activities (Including use of building by outside groups) - Some time after the worship service has resumed.

Bower Hill Community Church

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Phone: 412-561-4114