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Gather: All-church Potluck Dinner

Please bring a SIMPLE dish to share. Come a bit early if needed to be ready to eat at 6:00 p.m. WHAT TO BRING If your last name begins with: Bring a… A-G: Main dish/protein (meatballs, pulled pork, chicken, bean/tofu dish for vegetarians) H-L: Appetizer M-S: Side Dish or Salad T-Z: Fruit or Dessert

Time & Location

Sep 24, 6:00 PM

BHCC (Fellowship Hall), 70 Moffett St, Pittsburgh, PA 15243, USA

About The Event

These dinners are envisioned as an opportunity to build intergenerational community and friendships, to connect and share in our collective life of faith to mentor our youth confirmands.

The remaining potluck dates are: October 21, December 10, January 7, February 4, and March 3.

A group of 8th & 9th graders will participate in confirmation this year to explore their beliefs, values, and worldviews as they consider whether to personally "confirm" the promises made at their baptism. But we as a congregation also make a commitment at a child’s baptism “to encourage and instruct young people in the life of faith so that they may in time respond personally to the call of Jesus Christ in their lives.” What if each of us were to commit just one hour a month over the course of the school year to do just that?

Five evenings between now and Easter, we are going to be hosting all- church potlucks and evening events. We strongly encourage all to attend! Bring a SIMPLE dish to share— no beef Wellington, maybe even just sandwiches from the Giant Eagle deli. Members of our confirmation class will be seated at the table with you. We might throw out a few questions to discuss during the meal, like, “How do you practice ‘mission’ in your daily life? Why do you still come to church?” In this way, intergenerational relationships can form, and our confirmands will hear about the faith from regular people who are trying to practice it in their daily lives.

You can participate in the conversation as much or as little as you like. After the meal, the confirmation class will go off and do their thing, and there will be programs for other age groups, including adults! Or you could just eat and leave. We’ve scheduled “Gather” so it won’t conflict with Steelers games. It’s late in the day when kids’ sports programs are over. And it will solve the Sisyphean question of what to make for dinner.

Joining these kids at table to speak frankly about your faith (along with its doubts and shortcomings) is one more way to live into the vows we made at their baptisms.  It will be a joy to fellowship with each other, breaking bread together, and talking openly with our young people as they think about faith and its place in their lives.

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