Getting Involved - Mission

Bower Hill Community Church and our members currently support mission projects through our giving of money and time. The church supports missions locally and around the world. The Margaret McKee Scholarship Fund is available to assist members to perform mission work of their choosing.

These missions are supported directly by a team of members donating their time.

Eco Justice

A team of Bower Hill members works to promote more ecologically practices in the church and educated members on things they can do. 

Family Promise

Bower Hill continued as a host congregation for Family Promise of Southwestern Pennsylvania. The mission of Family Promise is to provide distressed families with the opportunity to stay together while they transition to alternative housing and employment. Families are housed for one week at Bower Hill (Sunday to Sunday), with support congregations and other organizations helping with meals and possibly transportation and overnight hosting. Up to four families with a total of 14 people can be in the program at any one time. We pick the families up in Crafton around 5:00 p.m. each day and bring them to Bower Hill for dinner and fellowship. After staying overnight, the families are driven back to the Crafton Center, where the adults spend the day seeking employment and housing opportunities and the children attend school. Check out the Family Promise Blog for running commentary on the Family Promise Project.

Think you might want to participate in this mission? Check out the: Family Promise Activity Videos.

Produce to People

Bower Hill continues to be a coordinating congregation for the Produce to People food distribution to those individuals and families at risk in our area. On our designated Saturday, we meet at the Martin Luther King, Jr. School on the North Side at 8:30 a.m. and are usually finished by 12:30 p.m. Produce to People is a joint venture of the Pittsburgh Presbytery and Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. If you are interested, please contact the church.

Haiti Water Project

Since the beginning in 2011, we have trained church members in the installation process of water systems, held numerous fund raisers, sent teams to Haiti and installed 6 systems.

Sandi’s Garden

BHCC is once again participating in SHIM’s efforts to provide fresh, organic produce to the families who participate in its Food Pantry. Bower Hill’s garden specializes in growing various types of hot peppers which is greatly desired.

SHIM – Green Grocers

The Green Grocers (members of Bower Hill) deliver produce from the Village Square Giant Eagle in Bethel/ Upper St. Clair to SHIM after church. These folks go to the Giant Eagle loading dock and are given produce that can no longer be sold. This ministry has been ongoing for over 20 years, mostly under the radar because these drivers are so faithful. But the boxes are getting heavier (or the drivers are getting older) and we are looking for younger members to get involved. Please contact a member of this committee or Dave Hicks for more information.

These missions are supported by our members donating money to the organization

Christmas Angel Trees

At Christmas members are invited to purchase Christmas gifts for mission projects. The projects vary each year. Last year, Bower Hill responded to Angel Trees adorned with pictures and requests from Homeless Veterans, Hekima Place and Family Promise.

Hekima Place

The statistics are overwhelming: just 65% of Kenyan girls enroll in elementary school. Only 30% in high school. A young Kenyan girl orphaned by HIV/AIDS has little hope for education. Without it, her future is likely to be out on the streets. But Hekima Place, a Kenyan boarding school founded in 2005, is a beacon of hope to these children. Orphaned by HIV/AIDS, Hekima Place provides a stable home for these girls while they learn. A place of safety, comfort and love. If you would like to help support the ministry of Kate Fletcher to these girls, please make your check payable to Hekima Place and mail to: Hekima Place, PO Box 645708, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-5255.

Presbyterian Coffee Project
Fellowship Time and church events through the Presbyterian Fair Trade Coffee Project. The Presbyterian Fair Trade Coffee Project, in cooperation with other denominations and the Equal Exchange Cooperative, supports small-scale farmers by eliminating the many layers that traditionally siphon off profits from the people who actually grow the cocoa, coffee and teas. In addition, profits are redirected back to the farmers’ communities where they have a say in how the lives of their communities can best be improved. Through this cooperative model communities have built schools and health centers. PCUSA’s Enough for Everyone Program has collaborated with Equal Exchange since 2001. Congregation members are also able to purchase this coffee, tea and cocoa.

Unity Food Pantry

On the second Sunday of the month donations are collected at the church and delivered to the Unity Presbyterian Food Pantry. Donations can be left at the church any time. Contact the office for more information.

Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank 

One in three American moms struggles to provide clean diapers for her children. Food stamps and WIC do not cover disposable diapers. Most daycare centers refuse to accept children without a day’s supply of disposable diapers, so families are often forced to make tough decisions regarding day care and employment because they cannot afford diapers.

Sizes 4, 5 and 6 are most in need for babies. XL diapers are needed for the geriatric population.

The collection container is the Pack’N Play which is located in the hallway directly outside of the Nursery.

Tax-deductible monetary donations can be made by a check payable to Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank and mailed to 2546 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15219.  Please note our church name on the Memo line of your check.

Bower Hill also serves the community by making our building available for non profit community groups. The following are the organizations that use our building on a regular basis.


These missions are supported on a regular basis through donations from the mission fund of the church.

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