Getting Involved - Music - Messiah Concert

2020 Messiah Virtual Christmas Concert

The video we create for the concert will be presented at the Christmas Eve Service at 7:00 p.m. Friends and/or relatives of members are welcome to join the church’s choir.


Please review the FAQ below. If you still have questions, contact:

Anne Smith
Music Director
Bower Hill Community Church



1. Do I have to record all of the movements?

All are welcome to record as many (or as few) movements as you'd like.

2. I'm not confident in my singing, can I still participate?
All voices will be mixed to create a homogenous choir sound without anyone sticking out. Everyone is  welcome!

3. Can I get a score?
A public domain .pdf of the score can be found here. We are singing numbers 4, 7, 9, 12, 17, & 44. If it prompts you to ask permission I will approve asap. 

4. Where can I find the files?
On YouTube - sopranoaltotenor, and bass.
On Drive (including half tempo audio)
On Dropbox (including half tempo audio)

5. What should I wear?
Please wear a dark blue or black shirt and stand in front of a white or light color wall or sheet. This will will help unify our choir. 

6. How do I record?

Please use two devices - A and B. Devices could be phones, tablets, or computers. 
-Device A plays the backing track through ear buds
-Device B records your video and voice. No backing music should sound on your video. 
-Each video begins with a countdown and a clap. Please visibly clap exactly with the video. This will help us sync everything together. It won't be included in the final product.
-Please allow the camera to run for the entirety of the movement, even if your part finishes before the accompaniment.

7. Can my friend / relative sing too?
Yes! All are welcome. My goal is to create a radically inclusive virtual Messiah choir. The more voices, the merrier - no pressure to commit to future projects. Just send them the link to this page.

8. Can I record multiple parts?
Yes!! Just label your videos with the correct vocal part. 

9. How do I share my video with you?
-There are two ways to share your videos with me - Drive or Dropbox. Click your preferred platform's link for guides.
- You may run into storage issues with large files. CloudConvert is a free online compression platform. Choose your video file and select mp4. This usually shrinks their size to a manageable level. I'll be happy to troubleshoot with you if you need help.

10. When do the videos need to be submitted? 
By November 18. 

11. When will it air? 
On Christmas Eve, 7pm EST

12. Can I invite friends and family to watch it?
Yes! I'll send a link prior to its debut.

13. Are there opportunities to rehearse? 
Yes! If you'd like to receive links to our virtual rehearsals, please let me know. We generally rehearse on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm est. We'd love to have you join our zoom, though it's absolutely not required. 

14. What if I have more questions?
Send me an email and I'll be happy to answer any questions.