Family Promise

Bower Hill continued as a Host Congregation for Family Promise of Southwestern Pennsylvania. The mission of Family Promise is to provide distressed families with the opportunity to stay together while they transition to alternative housing and employment. Families are housed for one week at Bower Hill (Sunday to Sunday), with support congregations and other organizations helping with meals and possibly transportation and overnight hosting. Up to four families with a total of 14 people can be in the program at any one time. We pick the families up in Crafton around 5:00 p.m. each day and bring them to Bower Hill for dinner and fellowship. After staying overnight, the families are driven back to the Crafton Center, where the adults spend the day seeking employment and housing opportunities and the children attend school. Check out the Family Promise Blog for running commentary on the Family Promise Project.

Think you might want to participate in this mission? Check out the: Family Promise Activity Videos