Margaret McKee Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was established to encourage members of Bower Hill Community Church to volunteer for mission service. The fund is administrated by the Mission and Outreach Committee of the Session of BHCC. Requests for scholarships must be made with a written proposal at least 60 days before implementation. This proposal should include the location of the mission service project and the work expected to be performed in addition to the travel and living expenses expected to be incurred during the performance of the mission service. The fund will provide scholarships for up to three quarters of the expenses of approved proposals up to a maximum scholarship of $2000.

Past participants include: Jean Miewald (Home construction in Romania), Margaret Zabo (Teaching hand bell ringing in Romania), Sara Waller (Mission Trip to Alaska) and Betsy Hohlfelder (Equipment for mentoring an African child through Infinite Family and a trip to Africa to visit with the child she is mentoring).