Amber and Steve Grier

Last Update 1/27/2018

Editor’s Note: Steve Grier served on the 2017 Nominating Committee and Amber will be serving on this year’s Nominating Committee. Amber is also the newest member of the Parish Life Committee.

Amber grew up in East McKeesport and Steve grew up in Gibsonia – Pittsburgh pride runs deep in our house. We met after college and moved to Scott Township a couple of years into our marriage We have a preschool age son named Teddy and two dogs — a west highland terrier and a dachshund. Collectively, they keep us on our toes. Steve is a database consultant and has worked in IT for a little over a decade. Amber is a supervisor of legal conflicts at a law firm. We enjoy trying new restaurants, watching hockey and discovering new activities to do with our son. In our spare time, Steve likes to brew his own beer and read novels, while Amber prefers to drink said beer and listen to podcasts.

We decided to join Bower Hill Church because we liked the sense of community. We wanted to find a place where our son could grow up to know faith in a welcoming and inclusive environment. We look forward to getting to know all of you as our son continues to grow up at Bower Hill!