Andy Druckenbrod and Allison Schlesinger

Last Updated 8/25/2018

Editor’s Note–Andy just came off a 3-year term on Session. During this time, he led the Worship and Music Committee. He continues to serve as Usher Captain on Sun-day mornings.

Andy Druckenbrod grew up in Chambersburg, PA. Allison Schlesinger grew up in Anoka, Minnesota. They met in Minneapolis, when Andy was in grad school for music history, and Allison edited a daily newspaper. She said, “Even though it’s not officially my last name, you can call me Allison Druckenbrod (no one needs to remember that many letters).”

Andy is a senior financial writer at Federated Investments and lectures in the music department at Pitt. Allison is a freelance writer. They have two children, Henry and Clara. Henry, 13, is in seventh grade in Mellon Middle School (Mt. Lebanon). He loves science, trombone, martial arts, video games, miniature games and the Renaissance Festival. Clara, 10, is in fifth grade at Howe Elementary School (Mt. Lebanon). She is crazy about dogs, loves comedy, filming and biking, and collects Littlest Pet Shop figures. The Druckenbrods enjoy hiking and biking as a family.

“We started going to Bower Hill because we love its focus on faith in action. We’ve stayed because it’s such a warm and loving community.” ~ Allison