Phil and Sarah Neusius

Phil was born in Detroit, MI, where he lived until he was an adult.  He received his B.A. and M.A in anthropology from Western Michigan University. He completed his Ph.D. in anthropology with a focus in North American archaeology at the University of Missouri. Sarah was born in Chambersburg, PA, but lived in many places as her father transitioned from teaching religion at Wilson College to running the YMCA at the University of Oklahoma to parish ministry for several Congregational churches in the Midwest and the Northeast.  She studied anthropology at Beloit College in Wisconsin and received her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in anthropology with an emphasis in North American archaeology from Northwestern University in Illinois.

“We met doing archaeological work in west-central Illinois.  After being gypsy scholars for a number of years in Missouri, Colorado, Illinois and Kentucky, both of us landed permanent jobs in anthropology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where we taught for over 30 years.  Although we have stopped teaching, we have not stopped being archaeologists.  We are still active professionally in a number of ways, and both of us are now Research Associates in Anthropology at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

“We have two adult children.  Our son, a social worker, lives in Brooklyn, New York.  Our daughter, also a social worker, and her husband, an archaeologist for an engineering firm in Pittsburgh, live in northern Washington County and are one of the reasons we retired to Mt. Lebanon.  Other reasons we moved here are access to sporting events, especially the Pirates, and the many Pittsburgh cultural events as well as close access to the airport.

“We were very active in a PCUSA congregation in Indiana, PA, and first came to BHCC on the recommendation of a Parish Associate in that church.  We like the inclusive theology, the traditional worship service, the thoughtful preaching, and the opportunities for service and study.  We have enjoyed getting to know people and getting involved with BHCC activities.”