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2019 Fall Flea Market – Results and Use of Funds

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the 2019 Fall Flea Market. The short story is that our hard work paid off again, and we broke yet another record!

The final total for the Fall Flea Market is more than $7,500!

The longer story is that each room broke records including the snack bar!  The snack bar usually lingers between $275 and $375, but this year we did well above $400!  In the grand scheme of things, the snack bar does not have the best payoff monetarily, but I think the food we offer and the experience of having a café style area set-up adds to the full effect of the quality of our flea market.

Another key component of the longer story is that our reputation continues to be that we’re one of the best flea markets in the area. In addition to the usual compliments we got at the sale, Sandra Caffo mentioned to me that she was in line at another flea market earlier this year and overheard some flea market regulars commenting that if you want to go to a great flea market, Bower Hill is the one to visit.

The reason why the flea market continues to do so well and has such a great reputation is because of all of you.  You donate great items, you work hard during set-up and ensure that everything is well organized and easy to find, you make soup and bake tasty treats and most importantly, you are friendly to our customers.     (I have heard from customers that there are volunteers at other flea markets that aren’t so friendly).  THANK YOU for continuing to make the flea market a fun experience and for the success we continue to see as a result of our hard work.

In other news, in October, Session voted to use some of the flea market proceeds for much-needed new carpeting in the Friendship Room.  We will be waiting until some roof repairs are completed before the carpeting is installed, but rest assured the new carpeting has been ordered.  Many thanks to the House Committee for devoting many hours to finding great looking, yet functional carpeting!

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