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2019 Malawi Youth Pilgrimage – Reflections – July 7 – 9

All Reflection posts include long descriptions of group activities impressions of what they’ve seen so far. There aren’t any pictures. This post describes Sunday services, the second youth conference and a tour of a sustainable farm.

Texts from Michelle Snyder

July 7th

‘We are doing well. We went to church this morning which was a great experience for them. 5 choirs and then we sang in church a song that most of the kids didn’t know.’

‘We are heading to Lake Malawi this evening (headed north) with a stop to tour their seminary.’

“all are well, healthy and experiencing more than they would have ever known to expect.”

“We made it to our destination on the lake which is crazy beautiful…could be Norway. We drove for 3.5 hours to get here so we saw tons of the countryside. Drove through lots of villages. Saw cattle being herded down the street, goats and chickens everywhere, lakes and mountains and baobab trees and tons of extreme poverty. Tomorrow is another youth rally in a new location. All is well.”

‘We saw where we will be going for our host site. Small village. Pretty rural. “


July 8th

“We had a great day at the youth conference and now the crew is swimming in the lake. We will be having dinner tonight in the home of the CEO of what is Malawi’s version of Exxon, prepared by their private chef so we are clearly roughing it. Everyone is healthy, drinking plenty and having a great time.”

July 9th

“Good morning all. We are all well. Since I last wrote, the folks came back from what was apparently a beautiful boat ride and a refreshing ‘literal swim with the fishes.’ Dave has some pictures of it on his blog.”

“Everyone is staying well hydrated. No one is sick. Kemp is talking. Coleman has become something of a group leader (he’s volunteering to pray a lot). Greta is talking to all the kids, not just a few. And Chloe is asserting herself when there is something she wants.”

“Today we are driving back to Blantyre but stopped to tour the sustainable farm initiative of the synod, plant some trees, and taste some of their local honey (which was very different than ours, but all the kids loved it.) As is true in all of Africa what was supposed to take 30 minutes took 3 hours so we are now on our way to lunch at 4p and will then go back to Grace Bandawe (the conference center where we stayed the first few days).

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