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A New Photo Directory Is Coming

As most of you are aware via the bulletin and other internal media, the Communication Committee is in the process of creating an updated church member photo directory. The previous directory was created about seven years ago. For various reasons, Session and the Committee decided to create the directory in-house rather than use an outside firm. As with any photo directory project, the goal is to provide a means for members to be able to associate a face with a name.

Besides the hardcopy directory, photos will be placed on a secure section of the church’s website (that only members can access via log-in) but only with the member’s permission. Another plus of doing the project in-house is the ability to keep it reasonably current. As new members join, pictures will be taken and additional hardcopy pages will be added and posted to the website.

Photo sessions will continue during the summer. Watch for announcements on session dates and times, and sign up as soon as your schedule allows. At that time, you will be asked to sign a release form permitting use of your photos in the directory. If you supply us with an email address, your family photo files will be emailed. Print service companies like Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Walmart, etc. can be used to get prints if you wish. Let us know if you do not have an email address, and the files will be copied onto a CD that can be used at the print service companies shown above. At a future time, print photo packages may be offered through a local printer. If you prefer that option, please let us know on the sign-up sheet. If enough people request it, pricing and options can be researched.

The Committee’s goal is to make the hardcopy and web photo directory available around Kick Off Sunday. Please help us in this project and make it easier to put a name with a face.

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