A Note from the IRU (Immigration, Refugee, Undocumented Persons) Discovery Team

On Saturday, March 7, a group of Bower Hill members gathered to watch the film “The Genesis of Exodus. ”The film was created by the Presbyterian Church USA in cooperation with its mission workers on the ground in Central America. It explores the big social, economic, and environmental factors that are driving people to risk everything in order to seek a better life in the US.

Following the film, there was much discussion about how to proceed. Realizing that it would require additional investigation, a small team was formed to research organizations and other area churches that are already addressing these issues and see which ones might match our interests.

This group, led by Linda James and assisted by Betsy Hohlfelder, Darenda Lease, Sarah Neusius and Theresa Child, has been using Zoom meetings to meet during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Many members have expressed interest in exploring ways that Bower Hill can address issues faced by Immigrants, Refugees and Undocumented People. Those who provided email addresses (either on the clipboards in the Narthex a few months ago, or at the film viewing on March 7) will be receiving emails from the IRU Discovery Team.

If you are interested in the information that will be sent, but are unsure whether or not you’re on our current list, please contact Linda James, lindajames1624@comcast.net, so that you can be kept in the loop.