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An Opportunity to Have a Stake (A Real One!) in Sandi’s Garden

Many thanks to all who donated plants and seeds to Sandi’s Garden. The beds are planted, and we’ve even begun delivering produce to SHIM. At SHIM, we are known as the “Hot Pepper Garden,” since we always have nearly 200 hot pepper plants! This year, we had two major donations of hot peppers and have run out of stakes to hold them up. You can remedy this problem by donating a stake or two (or more) to the garden. Small stakes, 2-4 feet and not too thick, can be placed in the Sandi’s Garden Donation Station at any time.

Don’t forget that we still need volunteers to keep the garden watered this summer and fall. There are still plenty of weeks open.

The clients of SHIM’s food pantries are very grateful for the opportunity to provide their families with fresh, organic produce that is generally out of reach for food-insecure families. The hot peppers are especially welcomed by the refugee families as a reminder of home. Thank you for your generous support of a BHCC mission in its sixth year as we are called to help take care of our brothers and sisters.

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