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Back-to-School drive for Casa San Jose

Back-to-School drive for Casa San Jose The Mission Committee and IRU team are collecting back-to-school donations for Casa San Jose, now through Sunday, August 21. There will be marked bins outside the Narthex and just inside the portico doors. Donations may be dropped off on Sundays and throughout the week on Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Back-to-School items needed:

· Backpack · Lunch bag · #2 Pencils · Eraser · Pencil Box or Pencil Pouch · Pencil Sharpener · Pens · Colored Pencils · Highlighters · 12-inch Ruler · Glue stick· 4 oz. Glue · Wide Ruled 1 Subject Notebook · Composition Notebook · Loose Leaf Filler Paper Wide Rule · Folders · 3 Ring Binder or Zipper Binder · 5-inch Blunt Tip or Point Tip Scissors· Crayons · Markers · Watercolor Paint · Ruled Index Cards · Compass with Measuring Guide · Book Covers or BookSox · Tissues · Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer


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