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BHCC Committees Update

An important component of Making Tomorrow Happen is making sure that we work toward the realization of the visions and dreams discussed in the Talking About Tomorrow Potlucks.  To that end, a new Session Committee and a new team have been created.  This month we will learn a little more about both.

Several years ago we had an Evangelism and Membership Committee, but when the Communication Committee and Parish Life Committee were created, it was decided that most of the duties of the Evangelism Committee were covered so it was dissolved.  Session has since recognized the need for a new committee to look for fresh ways to reach out to the community sending a message of the unique opportunities to be a part of a faith community that we offer at Bower Hill.  The current chair is Elder Keith Mason, and at the September Session meeting he presented some of the ideas that have come from their discussions. Among those plans are creating mission opportunities that we can invite our friends and neighbors to attend, perhaps working with a well-known group such as Habitat for Humanity.  The mission of the committee is to share Christ’s message of love, redemption, inclusion, grace and hope with our community.

The Eco-Justice Team has been formed under the auspices of the Mission and Outreach Committee to look into becoming a Creation Care Congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  This involves activity in four areas:  Worship, Education, Facilities, and Outreach.  Stay tuned for more developments on this front.

Less Waste and Better Taste

More immediately, however, many congregation members have noticed the wastefulness of our coffee hour practices.  As we explore options in this area, we’d like to encourage people to bring a personal coffee mug, which would currently have to be washed at home.  It saves waste and expense, and coffee and tea both taste much better!

Ultimately, a storage place for mugs of members and guests would be ideal.  In that case, the mugs would have to be washed every week in the dishwasher.  Other churches have formed a “Bubble Brigade” of volunteers to share this task.  If you’d like to learn how to operate our dishwasher (or perhaps re-visit your college days!), please contact the church office or Pastor Brian.

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