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BHCC Family Photo Directory

In early November, you should have received a three-ring binder in your stewardship bag containing the photo directory and family directory. We hope you take the time to sit back, relax, leaf through the pages and start placing faces with all those names you’ve been hearing through the years. We wish to thank all the hard work of the Communication Committee and the church members who had their pictures taken. This project was a success because of you!

We tried carefully to compile the names, ensure each photo directory page was good quality and had all the pages. If there was an error, please let us know. If a page was missing or not of good quality, we will print a new one for you. We believe we sent the files needed for printing pictures to everyone who requested them. But if we missed you or you changed you mind, please contact us. You can contact Glenn Child at about any of the above.

We put the directory in a three-ring binder to allow you to add additional pages as new members join the church. The additional pages are not just for new members: if you missed getting your picture taken or your family composition has changed, please feel free to send us a new photo. As another option, we can take your picture at church when we take pictures for a new members class. The frequency of the distribution of the additional pages has not been determined.

The website version of the photo directory will be available soon. Information on accessing the directory in a newly created members-only section will be communicated in the near future.

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