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Bower Hill Green Grocers

This may be the least known of the many mission projects that our church members have organized and run for many years.  It has been ongoing for over 30 years and involves the delivery of slightly aging produce from the South Hills Village Giant Eagle to a local food bank.  For years, the recipient was a location downtown, but for the past two years the produce has been delivered to SHIM in Bethel Park.  Our best guess is that we have delivered about 225 TONS of produce to those in need through this long-running project.  At the same time, and with the obvious help of Giant Eagle, we have kept that amount of produce from being wasted and ending up in a landfill.

This is a great volunteer project that takes about 1-2 hours one Sunday each month, and we are looking for volunteers.  Sadly, for us, one of our volunteer families is moving from the Pittsburgh area.  Kent, Kelly and Riley Jones have been dedicated members of our team for several years, delivering on the third Sunday of each month. Beginning in June, we will need a new family to take over for the Joneses.  A heartfelt THANKS to them for their dedication to this very worthwhile project.  Anyone who is interested in volunteering and has access to an SUV or van, please contact Dave Hicks @ 412-833-7753, 412-427-6606 or email him at

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