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Buildings and Grounds Update

  1. In order to conserve the Sanctuary’s heat on cold Sunday mornings during the winter months, we are restricting access through the front doors in the Narthex. Therefore, when the orange cones are blocking the sidewalk, please proceed to the entrance to the hallway outside Fellowship Hall.

  2. The Committee is discussing plans to encourage church members to recycle on the premises whenever possible. After considering using our current waste hauler to recycle for us, it was determined that the cost is fairly high, and an additional enclosure would have to be built for the container.  But we can do our part now and suggest that members who use the kitchen for coffee hour, etc. take home all articles that can be recycled and add them to your own household recycling.  This may include plastic serving trays, juice/drink bottles, cardboard (corrugated and other), paper, etc.  This way, we can limit what goes into the landfill and be good stewards of the earth.  We want BHCC to be as “green” as possible.  Thoughts and suggestions for achieving this goal would be appreciated.  Many thanks.

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