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Buildings and Grounds Update

The Committee continues to be hard at work on numerous projects around the Church. They are as follows:

Windows – After months of reviewing the type of windows best suited to replace the more than 100 windows in our building, and vetting the five contractors that were originally interviewed, the Committee has selected both the window type and contractor, and work will begin sometime in September. Quaker windows were selected, and a sample mock-up has been installed in Room 110/Lounge (across from the choir room) for examination if you wish. The contractor, Specified Systems, Inc., estimates job completion at about 30 days. A separate contractor will install air conditioning in the office area in a similar time frame.   Total cost will be $191,000.

The picture above is the demo window installed in the Lounge

Doors – The Committee reviewed several estimates for replacement of a number of exterior doors that are in poor condition and not functioning as they should. This work is expected to be completed before fall.

BOILERS – The boiler that heats the newer section of our church has failed and, after serving us for over 50 years, cannot be repaired. The boiler in the education wing is even older and, not wanting to risk its breakdown (especially during winter months), a decision was made to replace both boilers at the same time. The advantage of doing this may be better pricing and, along with the new windows, savings on our utility bills. This job has been put out for bid with anticipated installation toward the end of summer.

Very little of this work would be possible were it not for the generosity of our membership through the outstanding support of the Capital Campaign.


Lastly, we want to thank member Ed Hanke for the hard work he did with his chainsaw. Ed has been kind enough to remove several dying trees and large limbs on our church grounds. Many thanks Ed!

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