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Buildings and Grounds Update

As we near the end of the “construction season” at Bower Hill, our contractors are completing their final remaining tasks and all major ongoing work will wrap up in the coming months.

Concrete work is substantially complete with the Moffett St. sidewalk replacement, which was completed in time for the planned transition back to in-person instruction at Jefferson. Some highlights of the concrete work include a stamped and colored concrete pad just outside of Fellowship Hall. These treatments provide the aesthetic benefits of the slate tiles they replaced, with greater longevity and reduced future maintenance needs.

Additionally, a portion of the main walk from Moffett St. to Fellowship Hall was constructed to an increased 12” depth with additional reinforcing. This has provided a safe access point for heavy equipment needed for current and any future work on the steeple to traverse the walk without damaging the concrete.

Trim and gutter work on the main building is complete and paint repairs are being performed on the main steeple. Additionally, the smaller steeple above Fellowship Hall is undergoing repairs to several deteriorated ornamental sections, and it will also receive a new paint job. Work on the south wing will continue into the fall.

~Ben Boisvert, Chair

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