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Capital Campaign Update – December 2014

As of October 31, approximately 46% of the pledges made to the Capital Campaign have been received. This has allowed the major projects of the Steeple Repair and Playground Renovation to be completed.

In keeping with the promise to give 10% of the money collected on a quarterly basis to mission, $2,410.97 was paid in October to each of the four mission projects: the Haiti Water Project, Family Promise, SHIM, and Hekima Place. This brings the total given to these mission projects for 2014 to $34,422.95.

On a Sunday in December, the Haiti Team will be presenting a program to show the congregation more about what they do when installing a water system. Pictures from currently installed sites will be shown during Fellowship Time. Watch for more information on the exact date.

As part of the Branching Out Campaign, perhaps you’ve noticed the “stump” under the Branch in the hallway to Fellowship Hall. That stump is really a bank to collect change that the children (and adults) may wish to donate. To date since the stump was installed, over $17 in change has been collected. Put some coins in the bank and listen to the sound it makes.

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