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Changes to the Online Worship Service

Once we return to the live service in the sanctuary there will be changes that will affect the online worship service. The online worship service you view on Sunday is pre-recorded. This simplifies the process and allows us to edit the video, to pull in the soundboard audio, and insert the choir’s music videos. We have time to produce a quality video, upload it to YouTube and fix any issues so it is ready to go on Sunday. Once we return to the in-person service in the sanctuary, we will broadcast the Sunday service live. This change will free Brian from having to do the worship service twice a week (once for pre-recording the online service during the week and once for the live service on Sunday). Live web streaming involves much more equipment such as multiple cameras, video cards, audio interface with connection to the soundboard, and a computer to bring it all together to stream to YouTube. We have done extensive testing and training to run the equipment. But with all this equipment, if one of the components fails, we could lose the live stream. If problems arise, we have a couple of backup plans that may allow us to post the worship video a couple of hours after the service ends. We have talked with other churches who have had startup issues. Hopefully, knowledge of their issues will help us avoid the problems they experienced. So, please bear with us if problems arise. There may be a slight change in how you access the service on YouTube.

Further instructions will be communicated in future bulletins/newsletters and documented on the website.

~Glenn Child

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