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Christian Ed Director’s Newsletter Article – July/August 2014

Did you know that Christian Education has a Vision Team? This team of people has been meeting for the past several months to evaluate all the children’s programming at Bower Hill. The Vision Team is recommending the following changes to Sunday school for 2014-2015:

Nursery care will be offered for newborn through 2-year-olds. They will meet in the nursery before worship begins.

In the Fall, the following age groups will be dismissed to their class after the Time With Children:

Preschool to 2nd grade will meet in one room together. The curriculum will change to Children & Worship, which is a spiritual formation approach that presents a joyful way for children to worship God.

It invites children and adults to experience the wonder and mystery of God through a unique storytelling format and multi-sensory materials.

This method is easier to understand when it is presented to parents. We will transform the chapel into a worship center for the kids. Marla will be the story teller in the room for the first year. One or two room helpers will be needed each Sunday. These helpers can rotate every week. The Vision Team hopes to invite the congregation to an open house to see the new Worship Center and present a story in August.

3rd-4th grade will learn more in-depth lessons about people in the Bible. Marla is now currently looking for material. Teachers will be asked to teach an entire unit on a person in the Bible for two to four weeks, depending on the curriculum. Teachers will rotate after the completion of a unit.

The biggest change will be for our 5th and 6th graders. This group will attend the entire worship service and then during the second hour they will meet with Marla and Amy Grella. This group will learn more about how to put their faith in action in their everyday life.

If you have any questions about these changes please feel free to contact one of the Vision Team members: Betsy Hohlfelder, Amy Grella, Marla Kemmler, Kiri Rising, and Rich Salvante.

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