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Christian Ed Director’s Newsletter Article – June 2014

On Friday, May 2 and Saturday, May 3, Shelly Saba, Rich Salvante and I had the honor of chaperoning six Tweens at  Crestfield Camp and Conference Center for their very first retreat! Eight churches from our Presbytery attended.  A total of 80 Tweens and chaperones attended.  We learned the whole book of Johnah, played games, made new friends and slept in Crestfield’s  brand new cottages. We had so much fun that the Tweens can’t wait to return to Crestfield! I asked the Tweens to send me a few thoughts on the retreat to share with you all. I hope you enjoy reading their thoughts!

Graceann Foster

“I had a great time at Camp Crestfield. There was so much to do. Syd, Madelyn, Ellie, Nate, Julian and I were there. When we were there, we studied the Bible and ate yummy food. We explored a little bit and went in big soccer fields. Madelyn identified a plant called “skunk cabbage.” When you pull it out of the ground, it smells like skunk. P U! Miss Marla and Mrs. Saba were the guides for the girls and Mr. Salvante was there with the boys. After we studied the Bible, Miss Marla took us to see the OLD girls cabins. We had a lodge. Our lodge was awesome. In the morning, we even made hot chocolate. I slept on the top bunk. In the little field outside our lodge was a little playground with a swing, slide and monkey bars. That is were we played on the field. I am so sad that I left before we played Swamp Ball. This was my trip to Camp Crestfield. I hope I get to go back again. Thank you for taking us.

Ellie Rising

“At this camp I learned a lot! Not only did it open my eyes to God, it made me realize things I didn’t ever know. In the story of Jonah, I didn’t realize he was trying to run AWAY from God. He didn’t want to fight. He was scared. So when God brought a storm, Jonah jumped into the ocean in hopes to stop the storm, and God saved him. I also got to meet new friends that learned with me along the way. Camp Crestfield was a great opportunity for us to learn more about Christ.”

Nate Rising

“It was fun! Tether ball was fun! Also, we learned a lot about the bible lesson of Jonah. I thought it was cool that we made Bible stuff into a game of ‘4 corners’! The food was really good. We played this fun Frisbee game too. That is my experience at Crestfield.”

Madelyn Salvante

The retreat was fun, I liked all the activities, especially swamp ball! I learned that you should always listen to God. I also liked when Sarah told us the story about Jonah. I liked hanging out with all the girls. And I enjoyed sleeping over.

Julian Salvante

I liked the retreat because of all the games, especially the Frisbee game. Nate and I LOVED playing tetherball. Sarah told some funny stories about her dog. I wish I could have stayed longer!

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