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Christian Education Information

Did you know???

Did you know that ALL of our volunteers and staff who work with our children are Approved Adults?

This means the volunteer has taken the time to obtain all child abuse clearances and sign an Approved Adult Application.

Why does Bower Hill Community Church require this from our volunteers and staff?

To ensure both parents and children of Bower Hill Community Church feel welcomed, safe, secure and loved.

Did you know that on any given Sunday, Bower Hill Community Church has 15-20 preschoolers!

YES! 15-20 preschoolers!!!  We need MORE Approved Adults!!

The process is painless and simple and may cost you nothing! In the state of Pennsylvania, if you volunteer in a school, church or other non-profit organization, child abuse clearances are FREE!

If you are a young parent looking for a way to connect into children/youth ministries or a person who has a heart for children, PLEASE consider becoming an Approved Adult. Most times there is no prep work:  you just need to show up and be present in our young people’s lives.

For more information on becoming an Approved Adult, please contact Marla at or call 412-561-4114.

Other Notes:

▪  Normal Sunday school classes resume on April 3.

▪  Please send a jacket with your child to Kids Care.  They will be on the playground when weather  permits.

Eat and Meet — Grades 5 and Up, our monthly traditional youth group meeting, will meet again on Sunday, April 10, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.  Dinner, games and Bible study are included.

Kids Care During Adult Education

This is a reminder that during the Adult Education hour, children attending childcare in Room 110, lounge across from music room, must be signed in and out by an adult responsible for their care. Unattended children will not be permitted to stay and will be sent back to find an adult to sign them into Kids Care. Thanks for your cooperation.

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