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Church Leadership (2020-2022)

Session Class of 2020

Deb Carter

Theresa Child

Dave Hicks

Linda James

Keith Mason

Kara Pepicelli

Deacons Class of 2020

Mary Good

Melissa Harman

Darenda Lease

Phyllis Madden

Session Class of 2021

Glenn Child

Amber Grier

Sam Kidder

Tim Lease

Kristen Mackey

Rich Salvante

Deacons Class of 2021

Betsy Hohlfelder

Doris Olinger

Josie Sheldon

Val Watterson

Session Class of 2022

Ben Boisvert

Karl Casey

Rick Jacobs

Gordon Mitchell

Phil Neusius

Kiri Rising

Deacons Class of 2021

Cynthia Gissin

Mary Gorski

Bri Ivey

Kathy Philson

2020 Nominating Committee — Andy Druckenbrod  →  Steve Grier  →  Susan Hicks  →  Andy Smith

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