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Coffee and Tea - We Now Deliver

Do you miss your Equal Exchange coffee and tea fix? COVID-19 has made it impossible to pick up your favorite coffee or tea before or after worship, but we now have a solution for you. Equal Exchange is located in Massachusetts, an area harder hit by COVID-19 than Western PA. Up until now ,they have been unable to guarantee timely delivery due to reduced staffing and delivery backups. This is easing up and deliveries are now taking less than a week. Therefore, BHCC will be placing orders for anyone who is able to order a case (six bags of coffee or six boxes of tea) if we can get at least two coffee or four tea cases (or an equal combination).

Coffees include: Cafe Salvador, French Roast (beans or drip), Hazelnut, Cozy Cup Decaf, and Breakfast Blend (beans or drip).

Teas include: Green, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Chai

Coffee is $40.00 and teas are $20.00. Each case contains six of the same item.

When the order from the email blast was placed, we were told with heartfelt thanks that right now churches are the ones supporting the farmers. In addition, Equal Exchange has made it known that any of our members who make it to West Bridgewater, Massachusetts after this challenging time has passed are invited to tour the roasting facilities and share a cup or coffee or tea with the staff. The support BHCC has provided over these last 15+ years is most appreciated, especially during these challenging times.

If you are interested, please email Steve Boisvert ( Please indicate where you would like to have your case(s) delivered. The goal is to provide contactless delivery to your home. As soon as the order arrives, you will receive an email letting you know when your case(s) will be delivered.

While we can’t be together yet, we can continue to support Equal Exchange and the small farmers of the co-op.

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