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Coffee Hour Hosts Needed

Coffee hour is an important time of fellowship each week. It’s a time to welcome visitors and to catch up with anyone you missed during the Passing of the Peace. A few long-time hosts have recently retired from doing coffee hour, and we thank them for their many years of service! We would like to find replacements for these retirees so that no one has to serve more than twice a year. Here are some details about what coffee hosting entails. Please don’t let this list scare you–I always make sure that someone will be available to help new hosts locate things in the kitchen and show them how to make the coffee. • Snacks: The coffee hour host provides all the treats for the adults (kid snacks like Goldfish crackers and fruit snacks are provided by the church). There are trays in the kitchen for any items you bring. Most hosts include simple treats like mini muffins, cookies, or bagels. Some hosts will go above and beyond with items like cheese and crackers or fruit, but these are strictly optional. • Drinks: The coffee hour host prepares coffee, hot water for tea, and lemonade (all these supplies are provided by the church). • Set up: The tables are generally already in place for coffee hour, but the host will need to put tablecloths on a few tables and bring out all the cups, plates, napkins, drinks, snacks, etc. • Clean up: There is always a Bubble Brigade dishwasher volunteer to clean the mugs and plates, but the coffee hour host is responsible for washing any trays, coffee urns, or other items that can’t be run through the dishwasher. If you willing to serve as a coffee hour host, please contact Theresa Child at or 412-429-9519.

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