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Coffee Hour Update

I am pleased to report that because we have so many willing participants, the coffee hour schedule is now filled into March 2015! If you are not currently on our list but are interested in hosting coffee hour, please contact Pat Jacobs to be added to the rotation. Based on the current number of hosts, each party on the rotation only needs to host once every seven or eight months. The more people we have in the rotation, the less often each party will have to host.

If you would like to host coffee hour but are hesitant because you have never done it before, never fear. There are directions posted in the kitchen to help guide you, and there are always friendly faces around willing to answer questions or lend a helping hand. You may also consider partnering with an experienced host for your first time. If you are unable to commit to being on the coffee hour rotation at this time, perhaps you would be willing to serve as a back-up on an as-needed basis. Just let us know.

For all of our coffee hour hosts currently on the rotation, please note that a copy of the schedule will be posted for your convenience on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall. In the event that you are unable to host on your assigned date, please take it upon yourself to find a replacement. You may talk to other hosts on the list and switch dates as needed. We kindly ask that you inform Pat Jacobs of any changes made, so that she can maintain an accurate copy of the schedule. Please also feel free to contact Pat with any questions or in the event that you are unable to find a replacement for your assigned date.

Finally, please note that extra coffee hour supplies have been moved to the metal storage unit in the kitchen near the oven. A supply list will also be posted in the kitchen along with a check sheet that can be returned to the office to alert the secretary to shortages in supplies. This will help us to keep the supplies adequately stocked.


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