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Community and Visitor Outreach Committee

The Evangelism Committee has been renamed COMMUNITY AND VISITOR OUTREACH

The goals of the committee are: (1) to have a more active presence in the community by participating in area events like Community Days; (2) to hold more services and events where members invite family and friends to attend; and (3) to ensure that once visitors walk through our doors, they are welcomed and can easily find answers to any questions they have.

It sounds like a lot, and it is. So we’re hoping that members of the congregation will embrace the new approach and decide to serve on the committee.

The plan is simple: we’ll hold a brainstorming session or two and come up with ideas, no idea too large or too small, and then prioritize them into small manageable steps.

If you are willing to serve on the committee or just have some great ideas to share with us, please contact Matt Arner at or 412-915-7266, or just show up at our first meeting on Sunday, November 3 following coffee hour.

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