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Covid-19 Mitigation Concerns Alter Worship Plans

At the beginning of the pandemic, Session appointed a task force to advise on mitigation issues. This task force is composed of medical professionals as well as those from the research community and those that are active in various community issues. The task force has had its guidelines approved by Session and has modified them regularly as we have been able to receive updated information from both governmental and independent sources. The goal has been to balance safety with the congregational desire to gather and retain some semblance of normality. In spite of these mitigation activities, a risk of infection does exist if an infected individual attends a worship service. Given the rise in positive rates, the coming holiday season, and students returning from college, the task force met on November 15 to evaluate current conditions. As a result of their deliberations, the in-person worship service is now suspended at least through the remainder of this calendar year. Likewise, the building is closed to all groups. Though the church office will remain open, we urge you to only visit the office if absolutely necessary. Wearing a mask is required and if your visit is only to pick up an item, please call ahead so that it can be placed in the hallway. This has been a difficult decision, but one we feel is absolutely necessary for the well-being of all concerned.

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