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Director of CE & Youth Programs – June 2020

Director of Christian Education and Youth Programs -- Amy Grella —

Meaningful Connections Since the beginning of social distancing, I have done daily walks with my girls. To be sure, this was not something we did in the past. We were active, with both girls in several activities occupying our time. Our former level of busyness did not allow time to simply walk and appreciate God’s beauty around us. And as avid campers and hikers (at least in our pre-children lives), I was biased against the idea of experiencing meaningful beauty in our own suburban backyard. With warmer weather now upon us, one of the silver linings is that we spend more time enjoying the outdoors. We hear the different sounds birds make, see the progress of buds turn to blooms and then into leaves, watch young squirrels playfully gather food and take it home. Yes, we now even know where the squirrels live, having seen them disappear inside a gnarled branch in our tree. We’ve stopped to take in the colors of the sky at sunset, now that strict bedtimes and the pull of alarm clocks are things of the past. This epidemic period of social distancing has brought moments of isolation, but it has also increased our connection with God through nature. And I believe the connection works both ways. I believe God is with us in our quiet moments of wonder as we enjoy His creation. If you have not taken the opportunity to just sit or slowly wander around outside, I invite you to do so. It may provide a meaningful connection you have been missing. Calling all story-tellers Traditionally, the children's worship format changes during the summer. We move from an organized Bible story and response time activities to fellowship and free play on the playground. Therefore, we want to change the format for our children for the summer. As a result, the CE committee needs your help! We are recruiting adults, older youth and families who would be willing to share a story with the children. I am especially excited about this, as it will give families and kids a chance to see other members of the congregation that they are missing. You can choose the story or one can be provided for you. If you are interested in helping out, please sign your name and provide your contact info on the document link here. Amy will contact you to coordinate the details. The best thing about being digital - is that these recordings can be done at any time and released as needed. So while the link has dates listed to help us coordinate the content releases, it doesn’t necessarily need to be recorded that week. You can now find all previous Children’s Worship videos and files on the church website. Save this link so you can get to it easily. Files are added each week, so check back often for the newest content.

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