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Director of Christian Ed and Youth Ministry – Newsletter Article

Director of Christian Ed and Youth Ministry

Amy Grella —

Children’s Worship resumes on Kickoff Sunday, September 11!

Sunday school kicks off on September 11. Preschool to 4th grade are invited after the Children’s Sermon to attend the Children’s Worship.  Children will meet their parents in Fellowship Hall after worship.  Grades 5 and up will attend worship at 9:30 a.m. with their families.


Extended Sunday Morning Wrap-Up

After worship during coffee hour, grades five and up are invited to take their snacks and head to room 203.  The first 15-20 minutes will be the same as last year — discussion of various aspects of the worship service, a time of reflection on the sermon and prayer, and a look at the scriptures and music used in the worship service.  The discussion will continue with a deeper dive into Bible-based faith formation using the guide, “100 Things Every Child Should Know before Confirmation.”  Both will be led by a core group of the Youth Ministries Committee.

This is an excellent small group experience to prepare youth for confirmation, which will be offered the following school year (2017-2018).  The first gathering will take place on September 11 after worship.

THIS SCHOOL YEAR — More Eat & Meet Fun!

Eat and Meet (2nd and 4th Sunday evenings of each month September-May)

Last year’s “Eat & Meets” were so well-attended, we’ve added more!  Now the second and fourth Sunday evening of each month, 5th -8th graders are invited to gather in Fellowship Hall for a traditional youth group meeting. This meeting will include dinner, games and Bible study.  The first Eat and Meet will take place September 11 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the church.

Day Camp Wrap Up

The week of July 11-15 Bower Hill hosted Fearless Faith Day Camp. The week was filled with laughter, games, Bible study, freeze pops and SUNSHINE!  We had 17 Jr. Day campers and 14 regular campers for a grand total of 31 campers.

A huge thank you goes out to all the Jr Camp volunteers who made this week so delightful!  They were as follows:

Dawn Kane, Betsy Hohlfelder, Kiri Rising, Cynthia Gissin, Ruth Robbins, Val Watterson, Anne Smith, Lauren Kocher, Carolyn Boisvert, Madelyn Salvante, Sheri Geis, and Ellie Rising.

An even bigger thank you goes out to Crestfield staff Tyler, Parker, Eloise, Amber and Emily, who made the all-day camp so much fun the campers did not want the week to end!

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