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Director of CE & Youth Programs - April 2020

Director of Christian Education and Youth Programs — Amy Grella —

Summer Plans and Plan-nots

As someone who thrives on planning, our current societal norm to live almost solely in the present is particularly challenging.This time of year is usually full of planning as the CE and Youth committees are hard at work preparing for Day Camp, Jr. Day Camp, and fundraising for our summer mission trip.There is so much we don’t yet know, but one thing we can expect is that this summer will likely not be the same as summers beforehand. I am committed to making this a good thing…yes, I am also an optimist!

When I change my perspective, I see that some things have not changed. I still control how I choose to respond to things out of my control; I still choose positivity.I choose to count the blessings that are still abundantly present in my life.  I choose to focus on what I CAN do, and not fixate on my “can-nots” or “plan-nots”.And ultimately, I choose to find peace in God, whose knowledge and love surpasses all understanding.

Children’s Worship and Tweener Class

The Children’s Worship service is now being recorded and shared via YouTube each week.The lessons are focused on Lenten season bible stories and the Fruits of the Spirit from Galatians.While the recorded service is primarily geared toward children in preschool through second grade, additional activities included in the email are designed for our older elementary (3rd-6th grade) kids.If you would like to be included on this weekly eblast, please let us know.My hope is that this content provides a meaningful option for you and your childrenuse while we are all buckled down and practicing social distancing.

Praying for Our Mission Trip Partners

YouthWorks, our partner company organizing the youth group mission trip this summer, has created an active prayer map for their community partners from around the country.This provides the communities the ability to update in real-time their prayer request needs!  We are partnered with the community in Charleston.

Click for a link to the map.  If you zoom in and click on the locator for Charleston, you can read current updates and prayer requests from the community.It’s kind of cool to begin to make connections within the community we are scheduled to serve this summer.

Missing Out on Socialization?

We continue to work on our ability to provide virtual meet-up space (video and/or phone) for use by our congregation.  Be on the lookout for additional information on how you can host or join meetings, small groups, prayer circles, or other opportunities to connect in a virtual environment.  In the meantime, this presents a wonderful opportunity to use more traditional means of communication like calling or writing notes.  There is an electronic version of the membership directory on our church website,  Contact Glenn Child, if you need help finding this information.

(An updated copy of the directory will be available in the near future via e-blast.)

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