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Director of CE & Youth Programs – May 2020

Director of Christian Education and Youth Programs – News

Social Distancing and Distant Socializing On our daily walks, the girls and I often pass other people who are out and about in our neighborhood. Pre-pandemic, it would be a chance for us to say hello and meet a fellow walker, or even to pet a friendly dog (after first asking if it was OK of course). Now, people cross the street well in advance, leaving large voids between separate parties. While this is done to protect our physical safety, it often makes it all too easy to miss an opportunity to show simple kindness to others.

People are now terrified to make eye contact with each other. In the grocery store, there is noticeable tension be-tween shoppers. We are consumed with our own personal safety and ensuring the safety of others. I passed an old-er woman who was clearly crying as people walked by ignoring her. Keeping my space, I stopped and asked if she was okay. It was the first time in over a week that someone had talked to her. She ended up sharing that she lost her husband to cancer last year and has no immediate family in the area. I understand my social responsibility-- I did not hug or approach her in any way.

I get that we are doing the right thing. But let's not discount the emotional toll the isolation is taking, especially on some more than others. In our valiant efforts to save humanity, let's please not forget how to be human. I’d love to re-coin the term “social distancing” to “distant socializing.” I think of Pastor Brian’s weekly charge to us: Go out into the world, knowing compassion and seeking justice. Give voice to the silent; give strength to the weak. See one another, hear one another, love one another. It is as simple as that, and yet in-deed very hard.

Our question as followers of Jesus should not be “CAN we” do this. Our question is “HOW can we” do this, espe-cially now. I pray that each one of us finds a way to reach the vulnerable and the hurting among us and shine God’s light from a distance.


Children’s Worship and Tweener Class The Children's Worship service is now being recorded and shared via YouTube each week. The lessons are focused on Bible stories found in the current church season of Easter. While the recorded service is primarily geared toward children in preschool through second grade, additional activities included in the email are designed for our older elementary (3rd-6th grade) kids. If you would like to be included on this weekly e-blast, please let us know. My hope is that this content provides a meaningful option for you and your children to use while we are all buckled down and practicing social distancing.

All episodes reside on our YouTube channel. Search for Bower Hill Community Church to find them.

You can now find all Children’s Worship videos and files on the church website. Save this link so you can get to it easily. Files will be added each week, and an email will be sent to let you know when the content is available. Sunday Education Video and Materials

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