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This will be a very different Christmas for us in our merchandise-driven Western society. Less entertaining and small gatherings will free us up from some of our accustomed spending. Months of a slower pace have led many of us to consider what is truly important and how to simplify our lives. Along with that, it is easy to add climate and environmental decisions into our planning.

First of all, consider banning glitter this year (actually aluminum metalized polyethylene terephthalate, or PET), which breaks down into microplastic beads when washed into rivers, lakes, and oceans. Tinsel and shiny wrapping paper are not recyclable, and end up in landfills, the “gift” that keeps on giving. Plain brown paper or newsprint can be decorated to make them both safe and attractive. In addition, seek out fabric gift bags, make your own, or use recycled scarves. Some of the links at the end of this article offer many suggestions for a green Christmas. Make this year’s holiday season not only joyful, but creative and healthy!

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We would like to point out that our own Rich Salvante has started a business collecting food waste from Mt. Lebanon homes. He and his partner are profiled in the following article:

This is a valuable service and one that might interest you.

The Eco-Justice Team wishes you a meaningful and fulfilling holiday season!

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