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Eco-Justice Team Update

We have been living through a frightening and often angry time. How lovely, then, to see the spring approaching in all its abundant beauty, and especially so with the unusually clean air the situation has afforded our lungs! The return to normal will be a slow one, and maybe we will make some conscious changes for the better in our own lives. Alan Hohlfelder has been compiling data for our congregation electricity challenge, which reflects something of our relatively warm winter. It only included, however, two weeks of the “shelter in place” lifestyle, so we’ll see what the next quarter brings. Even so, the lovely weather, clean air, lower level of traffic noise, and time at peace may all help us think of earlier days, when summers were both lazy and memorable. Consider air conditioner use before turning it on automatically. After all, many, if not most of us grew up in this area at a time when no one had air conditioning, without even much use for it. Granted, we are noticing changing weather patterns more and more clearly, and the most obvious and extreme change seems to be at night. Alan will be sharing more of his energy-saving tips as the season progresses. And after all, nothing says summer like curtains floating in the breeze and the sound of a wooden screen door! TED talks are very popular and informative these days, and Bill Cadwell has shared a number with the usual participants of Adult Ed. Here are two suggestions from both the Climate Reality Project and the TED Blog itself:

Things that you THINK are environmentally friendly--but aren’t.

Environmentally Friendly Attachment

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