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Eco-Justice Update

In recent years, the popularity of consignment and resale shops has become evident, as they often offer thrift and quality. We’d like to compile a list of such stores, and are asking all of you to help. The list could include clothing and accessories, but much more: furniture, children’s toys, tools, and anything else. We’d also like to include pop-up sales that last only for a weekend (our own flea market!) and children’s clothing sales. If you know of any of these, or have favorites, please email the office ( or Deb Boisvert (

Along these lines, in the last twenty years, the volume of clothes Americans throw away has doubled: from 7 million to 14 million tons. That equals 80 pounds per person per year. The costs to the environment and to human rights continue to grow, as well. On March 1, Deb Boisvert will present “The High Cost of Cheap Clothes” during Adult Ed. Please join us as we explore ways to keep more out of our ever-expanding landfills.

Following Dr. Ketyher’s presentation on February 9, many of us are thinking and working harder to avoid single-use plastics. Let’s all refuse to use single-use water bottles. Keep them out of the church, out of our lives, out of our landfills, and out of God’s oceans!

Electricity tip of the month – If you are a Duquesne Light customer, check out this website: Pay special attention to the “Online Energy Audit,” as a few minutes online will yield you a box of LED light bulbs and other items to improve your home’s efficiency.

Coming in April: Earth Week at BHCC! Stay tuned.

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