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Fall Flea Market

Fall Flea Market

Friday October 16-10:00am-7:00pm

Saturday October 17-8:30am-3:00pm

70 Moffett St (off Bower Hill Road)

Grab and Go Snack Bar featuring homemade soup to take home and heat up and baked goods

Half-Price Sale - Saturday 12:00pm-3:00pm


Same number of tables

Larger rooms for better social distancing

Limit of 40 people inside the building at one time

Normally, our flea market is one day. Due to Covid-19 we will be limiting capacity to 40 people in the building at one time, so we have are having the flea market for two days to ensure everyone is able to get into the flea market. Those who come for the normal early morning rush, may experience a long wait before being admitted. We highly encourage those that can, come later in the day to avoid waiting. Please read the Covid-19 Rules below to make sure you are willing to abide by the rules. We regret all the inconveniences but this is the only way we can have it this year and provide a level of safety for our customers and workers.

Covid-19 Rules

These rules will be strictly enforced to provide a safe as possible sale. If you are in a high-risk group or spend time with someone from a high-risk group, we encourage you to wait for spring (or the next flea market to attend).

· To be allowed in building you must:

Wear a Mask - Workers will be wearing masks

Have a Temperature check - Anyone with a fever of 100.5 or high will be turned away.

Answer questions - Anyone who answers yes to either will be turned away

Do you have any of the following symptoms…?”

Have you been exposed to anyone with Covid or recently traveled to a hot spot?

· Customer limit in building - 40 - Initially, 40 customers will be let in. As each customer leaves, additional customers will be let in. Our hope is after the first couple of hours the waiting will be minimal.

· The specialty rooms will have limitations - Since we are limiting overall capacity there will never be an issue in being in the main room. But expect there may be a wait on getting into the specialty rooms. For most of the rooms there will be separate entry and exit doors.​

Boutique - 6 customers

Book - 2 customers

Jewelry - 4 customers

Toy - 6 customers

· Bathroom is for emergency use only - We will have directions for use and expect each customer to wipe down the surfaces after use.

· Workers will be sanitizing high contact areas on a regular basis - This will mainly be the pay tables.

· Hand sanitizer will be available

· If weather permits, we will have windows opened - This may not happen until later in the day as temperature warm up. Please dress warmly in case windows are open.

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