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First Distribution of Capital Campaign Funds

Now that the fundraising part of the campaign has created this wonderful pool of money to help improve the BHCC building, it’s important that we are good stewards of the money pledged and collected. The Capital Campaign Committee is responsible for that.

As of June 2, $247,790 has been received in cash or capital asset gifts. From that money the steeple loan has been repaid and the steeple project completed. It will be recommended to Session at the June meeting that 10% of the money raised be transferred to the Mission Committee for disbursement to our mission agencies.

The next project is the reconstruction of the playground. Plans have been received and reviewed, and construction should begin shortly. There are sufficient funds in the Campaign Fund to complete this project.

Future projects will be prioritized based on funds collected and what was promised to the congregation during the campaign. It is not the committee’s intent to micromanage the actual spending but rather rely on the individual Session committees to make recommendations, working within the commitments made to the congregation during the capital campaign.

The Capital Campaign Committee will report to session on a monthly basis. Watch the newsletter for updates or ask one of the committee members: Kirsten Bruder, Lynn Foltz, DJ Geis, Rick Jacobs, Tim Lease, Gordon Mitchell, Jason Rising, Jason Robosky, or Margaret Zabo.

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