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Flea Market News

The Spring Flea Market is officially canceled. We want to stress that it is not due to donations coming in slowly. The issue is that recent flea markets had been so that not as many items carried over as in previous years. So despite your generous donations, the lack of merchandise does not justify having our wonderful volunteers donate their time and energy to a sale that may not profit as well. More importantly, we feel that it is important to maintain the excellent reputation earned when Jean Grabow managed the flea market for so many years.

NOTE: Please don’t wait until fall to bring in your flea market donations! Collections will continue without a break throughout the spring and summer so that we can plan for a really great Flea Market in the fall.Items will also be sold on Craig’s List and other online sales with our list of regular customers (about 100 people). As always, thank you for your continued support of the BHCC Flea Market.

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