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Flea Market Results

Thanks to the hard work and generous donations from our members, the Fall Flea Market made $3,158. When added to the total of the Spring Flea Market and other sales made in between the two flea markets, during pricing and on Craig’s list, the total for the year is $6,751.05.

The results are especially gratifying since we had a long lull during the late morning and early afternoon due to icy conditions outside. Despite the weather (or maybe because of the weather), our guests enjoyed the homemade soups (chicken noodle, potato and chili) and we sold out of all three. We also sold out of the baked goods. The Bower Hill Boutique (aka Nancy’s Nook in honor of Nancy Andrews) was popular as usual and in addition to necklaces, bracelets and earrings, the ladies at the jewelry table sold $50 worth of metal crosses (and other items) made by our friend from Haiti, Frantzou.

Following the Flea Market, most of the items were repacked and taken back upstairs for the next flea market. The rest was put into boxes for donation to Goodwill, but we actually found a man on Craig’s List who paid us $1.00 per box. Hopefully, he can make a little money off what we were unable to sell.

So, thank you to everyone who donated items, made soup and baked goods for the snack bar, helped with pricing, brought down the boxes from the loft (the Boy Scouts-who also took the boxes back up!), and helped with set up and clean up as well as to our cashiers, floaters and helpers who manned the jewelry table, Nancy’s Nook and Snack Bar on the day of the sale. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

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