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Flea Market Results – Spring 2016

        Once again, because of the members of Bower Hill who donated items, the bakers and soup makers who made goodies for the snack bar, and all the volunteers who helped with pricing, carrying down the boxes from the loft (shout out to the Boy Scouts for this one), setting up, and helping out on sale day, the Spring Flea Market was a success!  Despite the bad weather report, thus having a smaller crowd than usual, we still made just under $2,800.

     After the sale, we put some items aside for Family Promise and packed up a couple of carloads for charities such as Goodwill.  The rest went back upstairs for the Fall Flea Market.

  As you’re patting yourself on the back for a job well done (and you truly should be), remember that the flea market not only makes some extra money for our church, but it also provides a service to the community. Many people make a living buying items at flea markets and then reselling them online or at other sales.  Other customers may be having a rough time and truly need a good bargain.

    Thanks for all that you do. See you in November!

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