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From the Eco-Justice Team

From the earliest days of the church, Lent has been a time for spiritual repentance and renewal. Shortly before Ash Wednesday, Bower Hill members received an e-blast with two challenges from the Eco-Justice Team. Both concerned lowering the amount of landfill waste that we create, and they were followed by an Adult Education session on the topic. Many of the suggestions are easy: low-hanging fruit, such as avoiding plastic water bottles, disposable straws, and plastic utensils. Other possibilities involve more thought and planning. Fine mesh bags can be used for produce, and some of it doesn’t even need to be bagged. For instance, do you really need to bag one pepper, three apples, two lemons, or a bunch of bananas? You might also start paying attention to whether something is wrapped in plastic or paper packaging, as the paper can be recycled. The term “mindfulness” has become a cliché these days, but people who pay attention to their choices find a more meaningful experience in everyday life. It turns out that seeking a less trashy life leads to a more fulfilling one!

We hope to gather some resources for this journey on the Eco-Justice section of the BHCC website.

Following the link above will take you to our newest venture: providing online resources on caring for our environment, community organizations committed to responsible Creation care, and information about upcoming events and activities both locally and around the world. As we grow, we will be adding recommendations for books, articles, websites, and podcasts to keep up with this complex and challenging issue.


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