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From the Mission Committee - November 2023

Update on Synod Medical Debt project

As of October 22, we have collected over $5200 for our medical debt abolition project. About $4000 of this has come from around 34 Bower Hill families. This is really great but that means there are around 100 families that haven’t made their contribution yet. When all these families donate as little as $5, that will add at least $500 to our total.

Emails have been sent to every church in the Pittsburgh Presbytery, every Presbytery office within the Synod and also to every Matthew 25 congregation in the Synod, explaining our project and asking that leaflets be sent to every parishioner. Phone calls are also being made to follow up each email that was sent.

Our project has been the feature article in the Synod newsletter and has been added to the Presbytery newsletter. The offering collected at the annual Synod Assembly, held the last weekend of October, is going toward our project.

Here is the link to the Synod article about our project.


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