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Get Outdoors – Emerald View Trail – Mt. Washington - October 2018

On October 6th, a group of 7 members of Bower Hill Community Church hiked the Emerald View Trail. We encountered no rain but it was humid and it got a little warm toward the end of the hike. We started at Olympia Park in Mt. Washington. The trail runs along Mt. Washington about 2/3 above the bottom of the hill. The beginning of the trail followed Rt 51 from about the entrance of the Walbash Tunnel toward the Fort Pitt Tunnel. We encountered several remains of houses on the steep hillside. Next, we able to see some of the Greentree Hill which was partially obstructed by the leaves of the trees. We continued following above Rt 51 toward the West End. We had a great view of the West End, the West End Bridge and down the Ohio. We continued on to the Pittsburgh side of Mt. Washington. Fairly quickly we started our ascent of Mt. Washington. We came out of the woods into a grassy part of the path near the top. The view of Pittsburgh from this vantage point is spectacular.

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