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Get Outdoors – McConnells Mill - July 2019

On July 13th, a group of 5 members of Bower Hill Community Church hiked the Kildoo trail at McConnells Mill State Park. It doesn’t get much better than this: Old grist mill, covered bridge, beautiful weather, great trail along a whitewater stream, cold drinks and snack after the hike. We started at the mill, checked out the water flowing down the dam. Water level was around 3’ which is a high level for Slippery Rock creek in the summer. We walked past the covered bridge and hiked down the east side of the creek. To our left was the steep bank of the gorge and to our right was the fast moving white water of the creek. The scenery with the dense forest and huge boulders was spectacular. Lots of normally dry streams cascaded from the mountain side into the creek. We arrived at Eckert Bridge, crossed the creek and walked up the west bank. This side was a little more difficult with lots of small climbs and descents. Arriving back at the covered bridge we walked through it to get back to the Mill. Everyone check out the Mill which had the turbine running and checked out all the machinery inside. We watched the kayakers who were putting in at the Mill. After hiking back to the picnic area by the parking lot, we had cold drinks and snacks provided by Rick.

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