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Get Outdoors - Nike Site Trail, April 15, 2023

On April 15, 2023, a group of 3 members of Bower Hill Community Church hiked the Nike Site Trail. We started at the Rennerdale parking area for the Panhandle Trail. After a short walk on the Panhandle Trail, we entered the woods at the trail the takes you to the fossil cliffs. Rather than going left to the fossil cliffs, we turned right. After a half mile of uphill hiking, we turned right onto Old Farm Road trail which follows a ridge above the valley. Along the ridge are still the remains of the tailings from mining operations. We passed by a wigwam type shelter probably built by local kids. The trail was somewhat level as we pass below a large white sphere which we believe is used for weather forecasting. We passed by the remains of trailer use with a semi truck and air handling equipment probably used to ventilate the mine. After hitting the Nike Site Road, we returned as we came except going a little farther on Old Farm Road and coming down to the fossil cliffs by a different trail. The weather was great. Overcast at the beginning and clearing up as we hiked.


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